Quiz: Your Romantic Attachment Style!

This a BONUS TASK!!!!!

I know we're a little late on Valentine's Day! But, this an interesting article I found around the web and thought that maybe one or two of you could be interested in these things related to love - romantic love! Well, hope you have fun reading and taking this quiz.... The quiz is to find out what l kind of relater you are: Pursuer, avoider or secure. After you finish taking the quiz, remember to comeback here and leave a comment. We'll be delighted on reading what you have to say....

To take the quiz just click on the following link:
Tango: Your Romantic Attachment Style -- Yahoo! Personals

Here we have some love birds!
Dario and Merly

Nelson and Marla

Marlon and Gaby

Jose and Anita

Keep on shining!


Anonymous said…
Well, teacher Doris I do the quiz and I'm calified like persuer, I hope been better in my relantionship and with my partner

Laury Casanova D522

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