A funny image!

One of my favorite photoblogs is The daily dose of Imagery. Today's photo was great but what I liked the most was the comment.....

The author says " Apparently if you're missing a leg or a shoulder, you can't enter St. Peter's in Vatican City. Sorry Cherry Darling!

What do you think about the photo and the comment? leave your comment here or go to Sam Javanrouh's photoblog, read the comments there and leave a message.

Here you can see his work....

Keep on shining!


MaruEugeO said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
MaruEugeO said…
Hi, Doris! How's it going?
I visited the photoblog that you mentioned and I like the pictures very much! I love photography and those a great... I understand why
you said is one of your favourite one.

All the best,
sarelis said…
hello I like much to work with you although a little dificil was done to me some things like sometimes pronouncing, to read dialogos and the pagina to blogger is wonderful I teach much like being able to publish what I did during the Sarelis finol semestre.Atentamente.
nelsonluispaz89 said…
hello teacher is nelson from urbe, please check my blog!!...:(

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