WritingMatrix Project!

Well, my good friend Vance Stevens have invited a group of teachers from different parts of the world to blog with my students and have my students blogging with all the students in the other countries. So, we said yes... and this is the result:

My students from levels, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 set up their blogs as final projects to reflect on what they learned over the trimester courses at URBE. (January-April 2007)

Please, visit and leave a comment to give them the opportunity to keep on blogging, sharing, and learning. To visit them, go to our class blog.

Congratulations to all new bloggers and their progress in EFL!

Keep on shining!



Hi, Doris : I am one of the teachers participating in Vance's project. My blog is http://englishvirtualcommunity.blogspot.com
If you visit my blog, you will find my students' blogs.
Hugs from Argentina!

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