Announcing Bloggers for the sep-dec2007 trimester!!!

Well, finally they are:

Let's start with Alejandro Araujo...
Cristina Velasco:
Johann Nuñez:
Anabell Ayala: my blog
Eric Sanchez:
Roberto Roman:
Ludim Pereira:
Deyjos Carruci: my blog
Maria Zerpa Blanco:
Manuel Hidalgo:
Luis Enrique Govea Diaz:
Ileana Yoris:

Those are all for now...


Borut V. said…
Hi, Doris! I'm Borut from Slovenia. I'm 26 and I attend a vocational college of the Technical School Centre, course of Informatics. Our teacher of English Terminology, Sasa, introduced us what is blogging and I found it very interesting and useful. I checked your blog and I like it. I deduce that you use it quite a long time. I have been still arranging my blog so I don't have my photo on. I'll tell you more about me in the next few days. Bye!
daniel said…
Daniel Perez

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