Shaping the Way We Teach English

Shaping the Way We Teach English is a 14-module teacher training video series developed and produced in cooperation with the University of Oregon. The series incorporates classroom scenes from around the world and is accompanied by a teacher trainer manual and additional readings.

The goals of the program are:
1) To build an academic or “pedagogical” foundation in language teaching.
2) To improve language teaching classroom practices.

The 14 modules are divided like this:

Approaches to Language Teaching: Foundations
Module 1: Contextualizing Language
Module 2: Building Language Awareness
Module 3: Integrating Skills
Module 4: Pairwork / Groupwork
Module 5: Learner Feedback
Approaches to Language Teaching: Extension
Module 6: Managing Large Classes
Module 7: Learning Strategies
Module 8: Authentic Materials
Module 9: Critical & Creative Thinking
Module 10: Alternative Assessment
Focus on the Learner
Module 11: Individual Learner Differences
Module 12: Younger Learners (K-5)
Teacher Development
Module 13: Peer Observations
Module 14: Refl ective Teaching

From what I have seen so far .. this material is excellent and I am going to propose professors in my university to follow it... so keep tune ..we will reporting our adventures following this training program to be better EFL professors.


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